Our E. nitens orchard was established in 1989 and consists of the top selections from Victorian Provenance families in the 1978 Provenance-Progeny trial at Rotoaira. These have now been progeny tested and the results used to thin the seed orchard to further improve the genetic quality of the seed crop.

Seedlot Price Comment
Amberley Seed Orchard $20 per '000 viables
Canterbury Seed Stand $10 per '000 viables


Eucalyptus fastigata

Established between 2008 and 2015 our E. fastigata orchard comprises 43 parents. These were selected from progeny trials in Kaingaroa and Kinleith Forests (Central North Island, NZ). Approximately 16 of the Kinleith selections are derived from South African orchard seedlots (Jessievale Seed Orchard). In 2015, 15 selections were added from the progeny trial in Cpt 333 Kaingaroa Forest.

Just on 60% are derived from seedlots from Strzelecki in Victoria. In addition, 9 selections from a 1991 collection 891's were regrafted and added to the orchard. Aside from improving growth, the breeding programme has successfully reduced the incidence of forking in the species.

Good health and growth make Eucalyptus fastigata ideally suited to carbon sequestration.

Seedlot Price Comment
Amberley Seeed Orchard $20 per '000 viables (pure seed)
Unimproved $1 per gram


Durable Eucalypts

Proseed is a founding member of the NZ Dryland Forest Initiative. One of the NZDFI's core objectives is to establish genetic resources of key eucalyptus species that field testing has shown have potential in the drier parts of New Zealand. Over the next 5 years it is intended to establish genetic resources of E. argophloia, E. bosistoana, E. globoidea, E. quadrangulata and E. tricarpa, principally in Marlborough and Canterbury. In the meantime Proseed has sourced the best seed from Australia based on early performance from NZDFI progeny trials - Contact Shaf van Ballekom (+64 21 364054 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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