The key consists of treatments taken from literature of gleaned from our nursery customers over many years. they are recommendations only. if you require further information on seed treatment, we recommend you seek expert advice.

Code Description Procedure
DS Dry Dow Sow seed dry but keep the bed moist until seed has germinated.
S Stratify Water soak overnight and moist refrigerate (stratify) for the number of weeks specified; e.g. S4 = water soak and store in a moist condition at 5°C for 4 weeks. Prior to sowing, dry the seed to dampness to aid sowing.
HW Hot Water Place the seed in very hot water and then leave the water to cool for at least 24 hours prior to sowing the seed.
W4 S4 Warm Store, Stratify Water soak only for no longer than 24 hours followed by warm moist storage for the specified number of weeks (in this case 4 weeks). Following this, refrigerate at 5°C for the specified number of weeks (again 4 weeks in this case). These treatments are for seed with double dormancy
WS Water Soak Water soak only for no longer than 24 hours prior to sowing.
MS Moist Store Seeds that must be kept in a moist condition as they are perishable and cannot be held over.