Native Trees/Grasses

Plants For Any Situation

Whether planting for amenity, utility or rehabilitation, there are many reasons to choose New Zealand native species.

More than 80% of New Zealand native species are endemic (occur nowhere else).  As such they are a major part of New Zealand’s own unique identity.  Iconic New Zealand plants include: ti kouka (cabbage tree); harakeke (flax); pohutukawa, kauri; kowhai and ngutukaka (kakabeak).  Species having strong cultural significance include: again, harakeke; pingao; karaka and totara.

Throughout New Zealand the broad range of geology and varied climate has created a huge diversity of ecosystems: coastal, wetland, grassland, shrubland, forest and alpine. This has produced an equally diverse range of species that can matched to many and varied site requirements: wet, dry, open, shaded, etc.  As well as already being well adapted to local and diverse environments, New Zealand native plants also offer an impressive range of colour, form and texture.

And of course, planting native species encourages New Zealand native fauna!

Proseed carries a large range of New Zealand native seed. If you cannot find what you want, please contact Jayne or Paul (+64 3 314 8978 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)