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Sophora tetraptera

Kowhai1  -  HW treatment

Graceful tree to 14m. Has showy yellow flowers in spring that attract tuis and bellbirds.

$15.00 per 10 gm

Cortideria richardii

South Island Toetoe  -  S4 treatment

Fast growing tussock 2-3 metres tall. Spectacular creamy white plumes with sharp-edged leaves. Good filler of low shelter species

$15.00 per 10 gm

Apodosmia simillis

Oioi - Jointed wire rush  -   treatment

Grey-green reed. Dense upright plant. Suits coastal wetlands and estuaries.

$15.00 per 10 gm

Coprosma crassifolia

Mingimingi  -  S4 treatment

Bushy lowlands shrub, with white to yellow berries that attract birds.

$20.00 per 10 gm