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Pseudopanax crassifolius

Lancewood, horoeka  -  S4 treatment

One of New Zealand's striking small trees. Long toothed leaves when young make this tree an outstanding landscape feature. Hardy, drought and wind resistant.

$20.00 per 10 gm

Pseudopanax ferox

Savage lancewood  -  S4 treatment

Amazing landscape feature. Long juvenile leaves are dark brownish purple with coarse teeth and an orange midrib. Grows to 6m in cultivation. Tolerates wind, drought. Hardy.

$35.00 per 10 gm

Pseudopanax laetus

North Island five-finger  -  S6-8 treatment

Outstanding, large, foliage shrub to 5x 5m. Glossy, palmate leaflets. Compound umbels of sweet scented flowers in winter.

$20.00 per 10 gm

Pseudopanax lessonii

Houpara  -  S4-8 treatment

Quick growing tree with bold, glossy, digitate leaves. Withstands wind and exposed conditions well but is intolerant of heavy frosts. Excellent tub plant.

$20.00 per 10 gm

Rhopalostylis sapida

Nikau  -  DS treatment

Medium sized palm with feather duster like groups of fronds to 3m long. Pink, branched inflorescences in summer followed by brick red drupes in autumn. Prefers warm, moist, shady conditions. Adds a tropical touch to landscaping.

$15.00 per 10 gm

Sophora microphylla

Small-leaf kowhai  -  HW treatment

var. longicarinata. Distinct, slender, graceful habit up 3.6m with very small leaflets and pale flowers. Should begin flowering with six to seven years.

$15.00 per 10gm

Sophora microphylla

Small-leaf kowhai  -  HW treatment

Small tree with fern-like foliage. In spring the tree is covered with rich golden flowers that attract nectar loving birds. Withstands wet or dry soil. Hardy.

$15.00 per 10 gm

Sophora prostrata

Kowhai  -  HW treatment

Prostrate growth habit up to 2m. Branchlets zig zag. Yellow to orange flowers. Found mainly in northern part of South Island and Banks Peninsula. Very hardy and drought tolerant.

$20.00 per 10 gm

Sophora tetraptera

Kowhai1  -  HW treatment

Graceful tree to 14m. Has showy yellow flowers in spring that attract tuis and bellbirds.

$15.00 per 10 gm

Urtica ferox

Tree nettle  -  S4-6 treatment

Shrub reaching 3m covered with long, stinging hairs. Small panicles of flowers produce egg shaped fruit.


Cortideria richardii

South Island Toetoe  -  S4 treatment

Fast growing tussock 2-3 metres tall. Spectacular creamy white plumes with sharp-edged leaves. Good filler of low shelter species

$15.00 per 10 gm

Apodosmia simillis

Oioi - Jointed wire rush  -   treatment

Grey-green reed. Dense upright plant. Suits coastal wetlands and estuaries.

$15.00 per 10 gm

Coprosma crassifolia

Mingimingi  -  S4 treatment

Bushy lowlands shrub, with white to yellow berries that attract birds.

$20.00 per 10 gm