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Larix kaempferi

Japanese larch  -  S4 treatment

Tree with conic crown and blue-green leaves. Red coloured new branches. Fast growing.

$45.00 per 25 gm

Laurus nobilis

Bay tree  -  DS treatment

The sweet bay or laurel tree. Useful as a hedge or as a trained specimen. Aromatic, shiny leaves have culinary uses.

$25.00 per 25 gm SOLD OUT

Liquidambar styraciflua

Sweet gum  -  S4 treatment

Grows to 20m. Hardy, deciduous tree with maple-like leaves and brilliant autumn foliage.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Paulownia tomentosa

Foxglove tree  -  S4 treatment

Umbrella tree. A large fast growing deciduous tree with lilac blue flowers in spring.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Thuja plicata

Western red cedar  -  S4 treatment

Evergreen conifer. Well furnished, wind resistant shelter tree producing light, strong, durable timber.

$35.00 per 25 gm

Acaena inermis purpurea

Acacia  -  S4-8 treatment

Excellent, fast growing ground cover. Good tight habit. Very attractive in rock gardens.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Anemanthele lessoniana

Gossamer grass  -  S8 treatment

Very graceful tussock form grass up to 1m in height. A profusion of arching, feathery flower plumes buries plants under a rosy hued cloud.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Aristotelia serrata

Wineberry, makomako  -  S3 treatment

Quick growing, graceful, small tree to 8m. Deciduous, toothed, ovate leaves and showy panicles of pink, crimped-petalled flowers in spring. Deep red berries on females.

$30.00 per 10 gm

Arthropodium cirratum

Reinga or rock lily  -  S4 treatment

var. Matapouri Bay. Most adaptable and appealing perennial plant with strap-like leaves up to 60cm. Graceful, arching 1m flower stems bear panicles of white starry flowers from early to mid summer. Great for mass plantings or groundcover under trees.

$30.00 per 10 gm SOLD OUT

Astelia chathamica

Silver spear  -  S4 treatment

Tall, spear-like leaves with metallic tones and strong architectural form make this New Zealand's most striking astelia. Grows to about 1m tall and can spread to form a clump nearly twice as wide.

$30.00 per 10 gm

Astelia fragrans

Kakaha, bush flax  -  S4 treatment

Broad, stiffly arching, green leaves up to 2m long are overlaid with a silvery sheen and often have reddish ribs.

$30.00 per 10gm

Carex buchananii

Coastal sedge  -  S4 treatment

Erect, russet tussock to 50cm with graceful, arching seed heads Jan-March. The fine leaf tips are blonde and curled, adding to the plant's distinctive appearance. Good filler or groundcover.

$25.00 per 10 gm SOLD OUT

Carex comans

Common sedge  -  S4 treatment

Mop shaped tussock to 30cm tall and 1m wide. Red brown or light green leaves. Fast growing, effective groundcover.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carex comans

Frosted curls  -  S4 treatment

var. frosted curls. Very popular sedge that has the palest of green or straw-coloured foliage with curling blonde leaf tips. The leaves spread and swirl softly in low mounds. Fast growing, effective groundcover, 30cm tall and 1m wide.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carex flagellifera

Trip me up  -  S4 treatment

Green. Graceful, arching foliage ranging from shiny green to bronze and brownish shades. Grows to about 50cm tall. Seed heads ideal for dried-flower arrangements. Good contrast species for mixed plantings.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carex geminata

Cutty grass  -  S4 treatment

Green leaves up to 1.2 m long. Wetland plant.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carex secta

Pukio  -  S4 treatment

Large tussock up to 1.5m tall with weeping, yellowish green leaves. Good screen or filler, especially in wet ground.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carex solandri

Forest sedge, Solander's sedge  -  S4 treatment

Green or orange-green tussock. Leaves and culms drooping. Pendulous dark seed spikes on slender stalks Jan-April. Grows to 60cm or more. Good for growing under trees.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carex testacea

Tataki  -  S4 treatment

Dense, light green, fine leaved tussock with brownish to orange-green tips. Grows 50-60cm tall and flowering stems eventually elongate across the ground. Excellent ground cover or filler. Best foliage colouring is produced in full sun.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carex trifida

Mutton bird sedge  -  S4 treatment

Handsome, robust tussock to 1m tall with 2cm wide leaves, green above, bluish below. Attractive, dense spikes of brown seeds.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carex virgata

Swamp sedge  -  S4 treatment

Handsome bright green tussock with arching foliage to 1.2m. Closely related to C. secta. Useful species for waterside planting and very damp soils but will also grow on dry sites, in sun or semi-shade.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carmichaelia aligera

North Island broom  -  HW treatment

Small tree to 8m with flattened branchlets and masses of tiny, purple veined pea flowers. Dark pods with conspicuous orange-red seeds.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Carpodetus serratus

Putaputaweta, marbleleaf  -  S4 treatment

Specimen tree to 10m. Slender, juvenile form has zig zag branch habit. Adult leaves show darker main veins and a distinctive, marbled effect. Panicles of fragrant white flowers mid summer.

$30.00 per 10gm

Ozothamnus leptophyllus

Cottonwood  -  DS treatment

Heath-like, erect shrub up to 2m. Tiny leaves have white or yellowish down underneath. White flower heads.

$25.00 per 10gm

Chionochloa conspicua

Hunangamoho, snow grass  -  S8 treatment

Fast growing tussock with airy flowering panicles carried on slightly arching stems to 1.8m. This handsome plant grows happily in a range of conditions. Suitable for growing as a feature plant or in a group. Looks very attractive by water.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Chionochloa flavicans

Miniature toetoe, snow tussock  -  S8 treatment

Not a real toetoe but a tall tussock, 60-75cm high. Beautiful, weeping foliage and yellow-green flowers in mid summer. Grows in most well drained soils, and stands cold, partial shade or full sun.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Chionochloa rubra

Red tussock  -  S8 treatment

Striking, large tussock with attractive reddish colourings ranging from a brownish green through to copper turning red-orange in winter. Weeping foliage 1-1.6m high. Excellent for landscaping.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Chordospartium stevensonii

Weeping broom  -  S4 treatment

One of New Zealand's most beautiful small flowering trees. Stunning sight when covered with pink, pea-like, mauve-veined flowers densely packed in thousands of drooping racemes that almost hide the branchlets. Ideal for a small garden and modern landscaping.

$25.00 per 10 gm

Pinus coulteri

Big cone pine  -  S3-12 treatment

Big cone pine. A very hardy conifer with bluish green needles and huge, ornamental cones.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Pinus mugo

Dwarf mountain pine  -  S4 treatment

Very hardy, small tree of dense bushy habit. Ideal for rockery and bonsai.

$30.00 per 25 gm SOLD OUT