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Cupressus macrocarpa

Monterey cypress  -  S4-6 treatment

"Southland"- second tier families from Strathallan Progeny Trial. For Timber Production. Use where canker is not present..

$20.00 per 25 gm

Cupressus macrocarpa

Monterey cypress  -  S4 treatment

"Strathallan"- Amberley Seed Orchard. Purchasers must pay a royalty to support cypress breeding. See Cypresses tab under Species.

$40.00 per 25 gm

Cupressus macrocarpa

Monterey cypress  -  S4-6 treatment

"Amberley"- Seed from the Amberley Breeding Archive. Seed is from parents exhibiting tolerance to cypress canker but progeny yet to be tested. Conditions apply - see Cypresses tab under Species.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Cupressus sempervirens

Italian/Mediterranean cypress  -  S4 treatment

Height to at least 30m. Very variable: from the commonly cultivated, narrow, fastigiate form with upright branches to the form, common in the wild, having horizontal, spreading branches.

$20.00 per 25 gm

Cupressus sempervirens

Pencil cypress  -  S4 treatment

var. stricta. Pencil slim cypress with fine needle-like foliage. Withstands dry and cold conditions.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Grevillea robusta

Silky oak  -  S4 treatment

Large tree with handsome, fern-like leaves. A blaze of rich, golden orange blossoms are produced in early summer.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Juglans nigra

Black walnut  -  MS treatment

Mature trees have a deeply furrowed grey-brown to nearly black bark. The brown to orange-brown twigs are stout, with large, shield shaped, conspicuous leaf scars. The deciduous leaves are 1 to 2 feet long, alternate, and compound. A prized timber species.

$100.00 per 1kg

Lagunaria patersonii

Norfolk Island hibiscus  -  DS treatment

Evergreen tree with attractive foliage and pinkish flowers shaped like miniature hibiscus. Good coastal tree.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Larix decidua

European larch  -  S4 treatment

A moderately fast growing tree. Light green foliage turns golden brown in autumn before falling. Suited to most sheltered, inland sites. Seed stand collection.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Larix kaempferi

Japanese larch  -  S4 treatment

Tree with conic crown and blue-green leaves. Red coloured new branches. Fast growing.

$45.00 per 25 gm

Laurus nobilis

Bay tree  -  DS treatment

The sweet bay or laurel tree. Useful as a hedge or as a trained specimen. Aromatic, shiny leaves have culinary uses.

$20.00 per 25 gm

Liquidambar styraciflua

Sweet gum  -  S4 treatment

Grows to 20m. Hardy, deciduous tree with maple-like leaves and brilliant autumn foliage.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Maclura pomifera

Osage orange  -  S4 treatment

Hardy, small to medium sized tree with thorny branches that suit it for use as an impenetrable hedge. Remarkable, large, pale yellow, orange-like fruits.

$15.00 per 25 gm

Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Dawn redwood  -  DS treatment

Strong growing, deciduous conifer producing bright green, frond-like leaves that turn rich, tinted gold in autumn.

$40.00 per 25 gm

Paulownia elongata

Acacia  -  S4 treatment

Fast growing deciduous tree. High durability.

$20.00 per 25 gm

Paulownia tomentosa

Foxglove tree  -  S4 treatment

Umbrella tree. A large fast growing deciduous tree with lilac blue flowers in spring.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Thuja plicata

Western red cedar  -  S4 treatment

From Long Mile archive (Mad River Origin). A highly recommended, vigorous provenance.

$0.00 per 25 gm

Thuja plicata

Western red cedar  -  S4 treatment

Evergreen conifer. Well furnished, wind resistant shelter tree producing light, strong, durable timber.

$35.00 per 25 gm

Tristania laurina

Water gum  -  DS treatment

Hardy, compact tree with narrow red leaves and yellow flowers.

$20.00 per 25 gm

Virgillia capensis

Acacia  -  HW treatment

Large, wide spreading tree. Scented, pink flowers in spring. Ideal for coastal planting.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Acaena inermis purpurea

Acacia  -  S4-8 treatment

Excellent, fast growing ground cover. Good tight habit. Very attractive in rock gardens.

$20.00 per 10 gm

Acaena microphylla

Red mountain bidibidi  -  S4-8 treatment

Excellent ground cover or rock garden native with striking, fern-like brownish through green foliage. Tiny cream flowers are followed by eye-catching, spiny, red seed heads that almost smother the plant.

$20.00 per 10 gm

Acaena saccaticupula

Bidibidi  -  S4 treatment

Slaty green to reddish green groundcover with purplish green flower heads


Anemanthele lessoniana

Gossamer grass  -  S8 treatment

Very graceful tussock form grass up to 1m in height. A profusion of arching, feathery flower plumes buries plants under a rosy hued cloud.

$15.00 per 10 gm

Anisotome haastii

Haast's carrot  -  S5 treatment

Attractive, tufted, taprooted herb having finely divided leaves and large umbels of white flowers followed by brown, parsnip like seeds. Aromatic.

$10.00 per 10 gm

Aristotelia serrata

Wineberry, makomako  -  S3 treatment

Quick growing, graceful, small tree to 8m. Deciduous, toothed, ovate leaves and showy panicles of pink, crimped-petalled flowers in spring. Deep red berries on females.

$20.00 per 10 gm

Arthropodium cirratum

Reinga or rock lily  -  S4 treatment

Most adaptable and appealing, perennial plant with strap-like leaves to 60cm. Graceful, arching 1m flower stems bear panicles of white, starry flowers from early to mid-summer. Great for mass plantings or groundcover under trees.

$15.00 per 10 gm

Arthropodium cirratum

Reinga or rock lily  -  S4 treatment

var. Matapouri Bay. Has larger flower heads and broader leaves with a distinct bluish hue.

$30.00 per 20 gm

Astelia chathamica

Silver spear  -  S4 treatment

Tall, spear-like leaves with metallic tones and strong architectural form make this New Zealand's most striking astelia. Grows to about 1m tall and can spread to form a clump nearly twice as wide.

$30.00 per 10 gm

Astelia fragrans

Kakaha, bush flax  -  S4 treatment

Broad, stiffly arching, green leaves up to 2m long are overlaid with a silvery sheen and often have reddish ribs.

$20.00 per 10gm