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Eucalyptus saligna

Sydney blue gum  -  DS treatment

Amberley Seed Orchard. Fast growing tall species with red attractive timber. Warmer areas, prefers free draining moist soils. Coppices well.

$20.00 per 1000 seeds

Eucalyptus scias

Large fruited red mahogany  -  DS treatment

Farm Forestry Seedlot. A class 2 durable species with high quality red/brown timber.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Rosea mugga ironbark  -  S3 treatment

Extremely durable timber, cold and drought hardy. Good flowering species.

$20.00 per 1000 seeds

Eucalyptus subcrenulata

Tasmania yellow gum  -  DS treatment

Medium timber tree. High altitude. Smooth, pinkish-grey to yellow-bronze bark. Glossy green leaves. White flowers in March.

$20.00 per 1000 seeds

Eucalyptus tindaliae

Tindales stringybark  -  DS treatment

Farm Forestry seedlot. Closely related to Eucalyptus globoidea, this stringybark is suited to warmer areas. Grows well in clay soils and is wind tolerant. Good form and very healthy. Produces a durable timber which is used for flooring and inside finish.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Acacia baileyana

Purple golden wattle  -  HW treatment

var. purpurea. Smaller form tree with purple tinged foliage and gold flowers. Outstanding for foliage and flowers.

$50.00 per 25 gm

Acacia dealbata

Silver wattle  -  HW treatment

Good coppice species. Medium tree with grey, ferny foliage.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Acacia melanoxylon

Tasmanian blackwood  -  HW treatment

Medium tree, large dark green leaves. Valuable timber.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Albizia julibrissin rosea

Pink mimosa  -  HW treatment

Acacia-like foliage with fragrant, pink flowers in summer. Excellent garden tree.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Alnus cordata

Italian alder  -  S4 treatment

Handsome, medium to large tree developing to a cone shape as it matures. Fast grower. Lovely, bright green, heart shaped leaves. Large (25mm) seed cones. Deciduous.

$35.00 per 25 gm

Alnus glutinosa

Black or common alder  -  S8 treatment

Tree 8 to 12m tall. Very slender with glutinous shoots. Dark green, deeply veined leaves. Cylindrical catkins.

$35.00 per 25 gm

Banksia integrifolia

Coastal banksia  -  DS treatment

Cream flowers in autumn and winter. Grows to 10m high and withstands salt laden winds. Attracts birds. Evergreen.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Betula pendula

Silver birch  -  S4-8 treatment

Deciduous hardy tree with white bark and golden leaves in the autumn. Very graceful.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Callistemon citrinus

Crimson bottlebrush  -  DS treatment

Medium shrub. Masses of crimson red flowers in spring.

$20.00 per 10 gm

Calocedrus decurrens

Incense cedar  -  S4 treatment

Ideal specimen tree with distinctive columnar form and dense fan like sprays of leaves.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Casuarina cunninghamiana

River she-oak  -  DS treatment

Upright growing, tall tree grows well on river banks to prevent erosion. Conifer like appearance. Horticultural shelter.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Cedrus atlantica

Atlas cedar  -  S4 treatment

Majestic evergreen tree with broad conical form. May reach 15-30m or more.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Cedrus deodara

Deodar cedar  -  S3 treatment

Indian cedar. Suited both as a specimen tree as well as shelter belts.

$20.00 per 25 gm

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

Lawson cypress  -  S4 treatment

A shelter and timber tree with attractive pyramidal form.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Chamaecytisus palmensis

Tagasaste, tree lucerne  -  HW treatment

Small, fast growing tree. Ideal nurse tree for natives. Excellent bird and bee fodder.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Cryptomeria japonica

Japanese cedar  -  S4 treatment

Attractive conifer having pyramidal form with feathery foliage. Good timber and shelter tree.

$30.00 per 25 gm SOLD OUT

Cupressus arizonica

Arizona cypress  -  S4-6 treatment

Grey foliage. Excellent for coastal situations and very hardy.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Cupressus lusitanica

Mexican cypress  -  S4-6 treatment

"Gwavas - IÄmberley Seed Orchard. Purchasers must pay a royalty to support the Cypress Breeding Programme. See Cypresses tab under Species.

$40.00 per 25 gm

Cupressus macrocarpa

Monterey cypress  -  S4-6 treatment

"Amberley"- Seed from the Amberley Breeding Orchard. Seed is from parents exhibiting tolerance to cypress canker. Progeny from selections are under test. Conditions apply - see Cypresses tab under Species.

$40.00 per 25 gm

Cupressus sempervirens

Pencil cypress  -  S4 treatment

var. stricta. Pencil slim cypress with fine needle-like foliage. Withstands dry and cold conditions.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Gleditsia triacanthos inermis

Thornless honey locust  -  HW treatment

Does not bear spines. A good specimen tree for hot, dry districts.

$25.00 per 25 gm

Grevillea robusta

Silky oak  -  S4 treatment

Large tree with handsome, fern-like leaves. A blaze of rich, golden orange blossoms are produced in early summer.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Blue Jacaranda  -  WS treatment

Medium sized tree. Spectacular when covered with large bunches of mauve, pea-like flowers.

$25.00 per 25 gm SOLD OUT

Lagunaria patersonii

Norfolk Island hibiscus  -  DS treatment

Evergreen tree with attractive foliage and pinkish flowers shaped like miniature hibiscus. Good coastal tree.

$30.00 per 25 gm

Larix decidua

European larch  -  S4 treatment

A moderately fast growing tree. Light green foliage turns golden brown in autumn before falling. Suited to most sheltered, inland sites. Seed stand collection.

$30.00 per 25 gm